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AI for engineering and manufacturing

We understand that great industrial AI solutions need more than accurate models: We embrace end-to-end thinking, co-creation and a relentless focus on user value.

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AI for testing and validation

Testing data assistant

Test engineers spend a lot of work reviewing, cleaning and understanding data. AI helps to automate these tasks. We have shown that test engineers can create a new testing report twice as fast when working alongside an AI. The AI advantage becomes even larger for highly complex tasks such as anomaly detection and root cause analysis.

Explore AI use cases for Test Data Evaluation
Test data assistant
Engineer on a CAX project

Automating CAX processes

Multimodal AI for engineers

There are many tasks in engineering that require manual effort. ML algorithms that work on complex product development data can help to automate them. We understand how to build these models and how to integrate them into applications that move the needle in your CAX process.

Knowledge management for complex machines

Answer any question on your documents

Engineers spend 30% of their time looking for information. And users often don't even bother to read manuals before calling the support hotline. With retrival augmented generation (RAG), you can quickly build assistants that can answer questions on your documents. With our experience, we can help you to create assistants that your team and your customers can trust.

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Explore Use Cases Together

Connect with Renumics to explore AI applications for your business. We are your ideal partner for industrial AI.

How We Work

Industrial AI with Renumics

There's considerable buzz and many empty promises in the field of industrial AI. Throughout our journey, we've made and witnessed various mistakes.
More significantly, we have repeatedly built AI-based systems that are loved by users and that are driving value for our customers every day.

Our Approach

Integrate Early & Focus on Data

Integrate Early &
Focus on Data

By integrating early, we can quickly identify any potential issues and address them before they escalate. Our data-centric approach ensures reliable and trustworthy AI systems.

Incorporate Domain Knowledge

Incorporate Domain Knowledge

We prioritize building a user-centered AI system by integrating your team as domain experts into the developing process, not just focusing on a model.

Collaborate with Open Source Development

Collaborate with Open Source Development

We believe in the power of collaboration and actively contribute to open-source development, fostering innovation and driving industry-wide advancements in AI technology.

The Perfect Solution for Your Needs

From Concept
To System

Renumics is a reliable partner for your project. We are specialized in Machine Learning (ML) for the engineering industry and offer customized AI-driven solutions for analyzing test and simulation data. We possess a comprehensive understanding of AI-driven systems in the automotive industry and mechanical engineering, which enables us to assist you from concept to deployed AI systems.

Our services include data checks, proof of concepts, and full AI system development, tailored to meet your industry-specific needs. We also contribute to open-source development, driving advancements in AI technology.

Explore our services and witness how Renumics can elevate your business to new heights.


We offer Workshops and Guidance to Maximize Your AI Potential and Understanding.

Data Checks

With a Data Check we can evaluate your data's potential for AI applications.

Proof of Concepts

We build minimum viable products to validate the feasibility of your AI ideas.

Custom AI Systems

Renumics delivers end-to-end services in developing, deploying, and maintaining AI systems.


Shipping Faster: Building on Open Source Technology

At Renumics, we believe in the power of open source technology to drive innovation and deliver custom AI solutions for our clients rapidly. With our expertise in machine learning and AI system development, we leverage modern stacks without vendor lock-in to create cutting-edge solutions for the industry.

Open Source Technology Imaeg

We contribute to the Community

Efforts in the Open Source community are crucial for advancing technology and promoting collaboration. Our Open Source Tool Spotlight showcases innovative and impactful projects that are making a difference in the open source world.

Interactive Data Exploration and Visualization

Our Open Source Tool for Unstructured Data

Spotlight helps you to understand unstructured datasets fast. Machine learning and engineering teams use Spotlight to understand and communicate on complex unstructured data problems.

Interactive data exploration and visualization

You can quickly create interactive visualizations and leverage data enrichments (e.g. embeddings, prediction, uncertainties) to identify critical clusters in your data.

Multi-modal: Audio, Image, Video, 3D and more

Spotlight supports most unstructured data types including images, audio, text, videos, time-series and geometric data.

Spotlight data exploration and visualization tool Image

Try Spotlight Now

Get started by installing Spotlight and loading your first dataset.

Install Spotlight via pip
pip install renumics-spotlight

After installation you can start Spotlight on any dataframe with just a few lines of code:

from renumics import spotlight

Renumics Blog

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