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🎉 We released Spotlight 1.6.0 check it out

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Better Data,
Better Models

Open source data curation tooling for unstructured data

Elevate your machine learning models by providing them with better data, interactively curated together with your domain experts and the power of Renumics Spotlight.

Turbocharge Your ML Development with Spotlight

We believe good tooling helps you to iterate much faster and tooling should seamlessly integrate into an existing stack.
We build Spotlight as a drop-in solution for all the data inspection and interaction needs in your data-centric AI workflow.

Open Source:
Start for free and explore your dataset with the Spotlight Community version.
Seamless Integration:
Load your existing DataFrames with a single line of code. Keep using all the tools you love.
Flexible Templates:
Quickly build interactive views for your multimodal data set. Capture best practices in re-usable plays.

Ship Faster with Data-Centric AI

Iterating training data quickly and systematically is the key to success for ML projects.
With Spotlight you can leverage best practices and best-of-breed tooling for data-centric AI.
You’ll ship faster thanks to

  • better stakeholder collaboration
  • de-risking of ML projects
  • increased model robustness
  • shorter iteration cycles
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know that Renumics Spotlight is right for me?


Pricing Plans for Teams of All Sizes

Start using Spotlight today by installing our free and open source community edition.


Start analyzing your unstructured datasets.


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  • Analyze Your Data Visually in Spotlight
  • Extensive Online Resources
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Curate high-quality datasets with your cross-functional team.


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  • Edit Your Data in Spotlight
  • Multi-Seat License for up to 3 Machines Simultaneously
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Build robust data-centric AI workflows for your use cases.


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Boost Your Data.
Start Using Spotlight Today.

Spotlight connects your stack to the open source ecosystem. Integrate new tools that save you days of work with just a few lines of code.