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Innovation and Automation
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Industrial AI with Renumics

We offer a range of services to help your organisation implement Industrial AI. From workshops, over proof of concepts to custom AI systems. We focus on usability, rapid development, and delivering reliable and trustworthy machine learning models for your use case.
Our commitment to ongoing support and early integration ensures seamless integration with your existing systems and continuous improvement for optimal performance.

Innovation and Automation

What You Can Expect

Development of AI-driven Applications with Renumics

Our methodology is clear: we collaborate closely with you to define your business case and develop a custom solution. By integrating your team as domain experts and emphasizing interactive feedback, we ensure the development of reliable and user-centric applications.

We prioritize user experience over AI models, helping us develop reliable AI-systems faster and with lower risk.

Daniel Klitzke (Renumics)
Daniel Klitzke (Renumics)
Machine Learning Engineer

We start collaboration by talking with your team to determine the specific needs and requirements for the project. We will share our knowledge and experience to better understand your data, workflow, and potential opportunities. Once we have a clear understanding, we will quickly develop a functional version of your solution. We will work closely with your domain experts throughout the entire process to fine-tune and improve the application. Our goal is to continuously enhance and optimize your application to ensure it is user-friendly and effective.

  • Rapid Development & Early Integration. Early integration is key to our process, ensuring quick adaptability and seamless incorporation into your existing systems. Quick delivery and iterative enhancement ensure that your application evolves with your needs.
  • Open Source Advantage. Utilize open-source technologies to avoid vendor lock-in and ensure flexibility and adaptability.
  • Trustworthy ML. We ensure the reliability of our ML models through meticulous data curation and expert consultation.

When you partner with us, you gain a development ally dedicated to your success. We offer ongoing support from initial development to production deployment to ensure your application delivers continuous value.

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What We Offer

Our Services

We offer a broad range of services to help your business implement industrial AI in your processes.


We offer Workshops and Guidance to Maximize Your AI Potential and Understanding.

Data Checks

With a Data Check we can evaluate your data's potential for AI applications.

Proof of Concepts

We build minimum viable products to validate the feasibility of your AI ideas.

Custom AI Systems

Renumics delivers end-to-end services in developing, deploying, and maintaining AI systems.

Education & Training for AI Implementation

Workshops and Project Guidance

Explore potential Industrial AI applications with Renumics. Learn how to assess industrial AI use cases, receive advice on risk management, optimal practices, and initial steps for AI implementation in industrial processes.

Workshop Industrial AI Use Case Assessment: Identify promising Industrial AI use cases, getting guidance on risks, best practices and first steps to take to make them reality.
Workshop Data-centric AI: Get yourself started with data-centric AI and learn how to apply data-centric principles to your projects.
Project Guidance: Elevate your project with our expertise! Whether you want to test the feasibility of a new use case or enhance the robustness of your current models, we're here to help.
Data Strategy Consulting: Get sustainable and efficient in data-centric AI, building out a fully grown data-centric process for your use case

Explore Your Data's Potential

Data Checks

We analyze your data and elaborate potential use cases together. Our Data Check service involves a thorough evaluation of client data to determine its readiness for AI implementation. We analyze the data to identify potential insights and opportunities for leveraging artificial intelligence in your industrial processes.

Data Quality Check: Get a reliable analysis on the practicability of your use case based on your current data. Get expert advice to improve your data, making your use case reality.
Model Robustness Check: Get expert advice on how to improve your model and data in your use case. Make your model more robust to bring it closer to production.

Early-Stage Applications as Proof of Concept

MVPs: Building Minimum Viable Products

We start with a MVP to test the feasibility and value of an AI application for your business, ensuring rapid deployment and immediate feedback. This allows us to refine and adapt the product based on domain experts' use and feedback.

Our approach centers on creating Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) to test and validate concepts within your specific business processes. This method demonstrates the practical feasibility and value of AI applications within actual business environments.
Our strategy emphasizes early integration into your workflow and maintaining open lines of communication. We use continuous feedback to develop and iterate on concepts.

AI Systems for Engineering, Manufacturing and Production

Implementing Custom AI Systems

Renumics offers individual AI-driven solutions for your use case. We have specialized in building AI systems that integrate with your business processes and focus on usability and productivity. We take the approach of developing an application that integrates AI instead of training a model that fulfills a task.

Find Your Project Scope.

Connect with Renumics and discuss potential AI applications for your business. We are the right partner for industrial AI.