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Engineer on a CAx project
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Talk-to-Data for industrial engineering data

Make use of the power of advanced Large Language Models (LLMs) to transform interactions with engineering data. "Talk to Data" features a straightforward natural language query interface. This interface enables domain experts without dedicated database experience to easily access and analyze data from various sources.

Engineer on a CAx project


Talk to Data

For Talk to Data applications LLMs can be used to interpret and process natural language queries and convert them into SQL queries. After the SQL queries are executed, the results are converted back to natural language or visualized in a way that is easy to understand.

Cutting-Edge LLM Advances: Uses the latest language model innovations to interpret and process natural language queries effectively.
Simple Access to Multiple Data Sources: Execute queries across different data types and sources, from test data such as sensor and acoustic measurements to simulation results.
Tailored for Domain Experts No need for SQL or technical database skills—ideal for testing engineers, manufacturing managers, and CAX specialists who require rapid data insights.
Dynamic Output Options: Responses range from simple text to detailed data blocks, with visualizations customized to the data type and interactive features to explore deeper.