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Workshop Industrial AI Use Case Assessment

You want to ideate and evaluate high impact data-driven services or products? Then this workshop is for you. We'll work with your team, conceptualizing high-impact use cases by using our Industrial AI Canvas. Our focus will be on user value, and we'll work backwards to outline the technical solution. By using this approach, we'll help you evaluate potential risks, identify initial implementation steps, and estimate a rough return on investment (ROI). You'll leave the workshop knowing which use cases offer the highest potential and which steps to take next to make them reality.

The workshop can be held in english and german.

We made portions of the workshop contents available for free so you can get an idea what to expect or just go through the materials for yourself.


  • 2. Ideate Machine Learning use cases
  • 5. Derive first implementation steps
  • 6. Receive documentation on 3 high-potential use cases