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πŸŽ‰ We released Spotlight 1.4.0 check it out β†’

Version: 1.4.0


The histogram component in Spotlight allows you to visualize the distribution of your data across a continuous range of values. This can be particularly useful when working with numerical or categorical data, as it gives you a quick and easy way to identify patterns, outliers, and other characteristics of your dataset.

The histogram component works by grouping your data into a series of bins, each of which represents a specific range of values. It supports two different modes: single Column and stacked histogram.

The single Column mode is the default mode, and it allows you to visualize the distribution of a single variable. By specifying a column to stackBy the distribution of values for this column are plotet for each bin.

Spotlight CE fsd50k - analyze column distribution in histogram


Per default the histogram also accounts for filtered out points and displays them greyed out. In order to hide all filtered values and recompute the displayed bins based on the active filters hide unfiltered has to be checked.

Spotlight CE fsd50k - show/hide filtered datapoints in the histogram