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About Us

Who We Are

We are a team of machine learning enthusiasts. We do not hop on every technological hype train, but assess methods and possibilities candidly. We are focused on bringing value to our customers and partners.

NameFavorite FoodContactFavorite Sports
Vencia HerzogJiaozi Bouldering
Daniel KlitzkeKimchi Jigae Bouldering, Yoga, Fitness
Marius StegerKimchi Mandu Biking, Bouldering
Dr. Stefan SuwelackLasagne Basketball
Tarek WilkeningLasagne
Sören RaymondMac'n'Cheese Skiing, Climbing, Bouldering, Soccer
Alexander DruzPasta Carbonara Table Tennis
Steffen SlavetinskyPulled Pork Golf, Kitesurfing, Skiing, Fitness
Dominik HäntschRamen
Dr. Markus StollSpareribs
Climbing, Bouldering
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Fav. Food kcal/100g116354
NameVencia Herzog
Favorite FoodJiaozi
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Vencia Herzog
Daniel Klitzke
Daniel Klitzke
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Marius Steger
Person Placeholder
Dr. Stefan Suwelack
Person Placeholder
Tarek Wilkening
Sören Raymond
Sören Raymond
Alexander Druz
Alexander Druz
Steffen Slavetinsky
Steffen Slavetinsky
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Dominik Häntsch
Dr. Markus Stoll
Dr. Markus Stoll

Our Mission

Data-driven tools will fundamentally change product development and manufacturing; They enable faster development cycles, minimize manual work, and raise quality levels. However, building data-driven processes and tools is hard; it takes a strong collaborative effort, the right infrastructure, and good data science skills to succeed. Based on our extensive experience, we believe that data-driven tools should be built in user-focused, data-centric, and collaborative way. We empower cross-functional teams to build robust ML-enabled solutions based on these paradigms.

What We Do

We are building the data curation software Renumics Spotlight. The tool allows cross-functional teams to quickly create and iterate training data sets for ML algorithms. We envision Spotlight to be the data curation component in a fully modular ML stack. Together with our customers and partners, we are continuously pushing the envelope how data-driven technology can generate business value. We share these insights with the community through templates such as the “AI-assisted Engineering Canvas” as well as blog and research articles.

Join the Team!

Are you a deep learning or engineering enthusiast and would like to work on interesting projects and solution in AI-assisted engineering?