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🎉 We released Spotlight 1.6.0 check it out

Version: 1.0.0

🚀 Getting Started

💡 Spotlight helps you to identify critical data segments and model failure modes. It enables you to build and maintain reliable machine learning models by curating high-quality datasets.


Spotlight is built on the idea that you can only truly understand unstructured datasets if you can interactively explore them. Its core principle is to identify and fix critical data segments by leveraging data enrichments (e.g. features, embeddings, uncertainties). Pre-defined templates for typical data curation workflows get you started quickly and connect your stack to the data-centric AI ecosystem.

We are building Spotlight for cross-functional teams that want to be in control of their data and data curation processes. Currently, Spotlight supports many use cases based on image, audio, video and time series data.

⏱️ Quickstart

Get started by installing Spotlight and loading your first dataset.

What you'll need

Install Spotlight via pip

pip install renumics-spotlight

We recommend installing Spotlight and everything you need to work on your data in a separate virtual environment

Load a dataset and start exploring

import pandas as pd
from renumics import spotlight

df = pd.read_csv(""), dtype={"image": spotlight.Image, "embedding": spotlight.Embedding})

pd.read_csv loads a sample csv file as a pandas DataFrame. opens up spotlight in the browser with the pandas dataframe ready for you to explore. The dtype argument specifies custom column types for the browser viewer.

Load a Hugging Face dataset

import datasets
from renumics import spotlight

dataset = datasets.load_dataset("olivierdehaene/xkcd", split="train")
df = dataset.to_pandas(), dtype={"image_url": spotlight.Image})

The datasets package can be installed via pip.

🧭 Start by use case

You can adapt Spotlight to your data curation tasks. To get you started quickly, we are continuously developing pre-defined recipes for common workflows.

Get started quickly with our 📒 Playbook:

Tell us which data curation task is important for your work: